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Water Pumping System

We offer solar powered water pumps in cooperation with Kirloskar Brothers: World leader in fluid handling

The water pumping solution includes everything, from panels to pump as well as installation by our experts. If you would like to install this system on your farm, we can help you in application for low-cost financing and subsidy benefits of government schemes

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Power Plants

With a solar power plant from Adiurja, you can save money. Grid electricity prices have been increasing frequently, crossing ₹ 8/kwh for most consumers and some forecasting it to ₹ 15/kWh in couple of years. By replacing this expensive electricity with solar electricity at less than ₹ 5/kWh is key to keeping your electricity costs managable

Solar power plant needs higher capital investments compared to traditional power sources such as Diesel generators. However, solar power plants from Adiurja replaces investment costs within 7 years from grid electricity costs saving, after which you get almost free electricity for rest of the life of these plants. Check for yourself:
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